Dr. Sunita Dube and doctors support Medscapeindia “WE DOCTORS” campaign

Doctors’ contribution to the nation was never in question. The fraternity always stood with their head high to serve the nation in difficult situations and even today, in this though wave, they are standing rock solid, safeguarding us. MedscapeIndia’s doctors across the nation have pledged to make India corona free.

‘WE DOCTORS’ campaign initiated by Radiologist, founder of MedscapeIndia, Dr. Sunita Dube includes helping in a smooth treatment process while sticking to the protocols during handling of Corona Positive patients. The SOP so formed involves online medical guidance, counseling, quarantine process & hygiene. It also includes troubleshooting queries related to the diseases, lab tests, allocation of Hospitals by government, handling panic situations of patients, etc.

As there have been many casualties amongst the doctors, it becomes a necessity to provide them with proper protection too. The Campaign is committed to making available hazmat suits or PPE for the safety of the doctors.

As a result, the campaign is gaining a tremendous response. 5,000+ highly acclaimed doctors from our country who are also remotely associated with MEDSCAPEINDIA across the country along with various country associates working with the organization & have been providing much-needed awareness to a large number of people for the last 2 months.

India faces a lack of medical infrastructure and doctors. Recently the honorable Prime Minister told the nation that there is a lack of safety gadgets for the healthcare workers and he urged the people of the country to use mask’s which can be made at home. Dr. Harshvardhan, Union Health Minister is also vigorously working to solve the deficiency of safety gadgets, the safety kits are being dispatched to only doctors and healthcare workers working in the government hospitals.

Dr. Sunita Dube says “ every doctor deserves safety while working, whether it is a private, government or general practitioner from not only corona but also physical assault. PPE kits are costly and mostly unavailable. There is a large number of patients which are being handled by doctors in private clinics and hospitals which is approximately 80% outpatient care and 60 % inpatient care in India, which are exposed to the virus and their complications in the current situation”

Many A listed film & TV celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Bharati  Shing, re also supporting in their ways to make “WE DOCTORS” not just a campaign but a movement.

This is not a new campaign by the organization. MedscapeIndia – AMET, is a voluntary organization of doctors and like-minded people who have been working relentlessly on healthcare, save the girl child, women empowerment, for last 15 years.

Campaigns such as HIV awareness, preventive medical camps, Fit India Movement has been amongst its successful programs for the last 6 years. It has also been active with, Millions smile women Empowerment campaign, MedscapeIndia National Awards for 9 years, and many other impactful projects. MedscapeIndia with ‘WE DOCTORS’ aims for safety for all from COVID-19. The Organisation is also gearing up to provide safety measure materials to the less fortunate people