Contributions to the Field

In the field of medical, she specializes in radiology, woman and child care. She has helped more than a million families who faced infertility issues to get a child with the help of follicles study. She has been helping children who are born with deformities to get cured. She started Aryan Hospital in Kurla East, in 2003 when the area had no clinic around. She become the catalyst for Fit India in 2016 by bringing in the scientific approach to healthcare. Her knowledge in nutrition and healthcare accentuated the impact of Fit India.

Her unique campaign of doctor’s handwriting was adopted and appreciated nation wide by doctors  & medical bodies who tried to improve their handwriting on prescription for understanding of the general public. She also started the first ever awards for doctors called Medscapeindia National Awards to motivate and encourage outstanding doctors nationwide now its successfully in enters 8th year in 2019.

Adolescent health education, Malnutrition, fitness & health assessment for women & children is ongoing her program.

Contributions to the Society

MedscapeIndia- Aryan Medical & Educational Trust is a Non-profit charitable trust started by Dr.Sunita Dube, working relentlessly towards community welfare since 14 year. With a nation reach of Two hundred and fifty thousand healthcare professionals, this is the only organization in India which has brought all the specialties on one platform and focused on bringing the entire healthcare community for social and healthcare empowerment.

MedscapeIndia has worked for various awareness campaigns such as; Save the Girl Child, HIV AIDS Awareness, Breast cancer, Pan India medical camps, Doctors legible handwriting campaign, World’s first Doctors Anthem and impact fully running “Anokhee Pahal” campaign which promotes health, sanitation and well being of underprivileged section of society. Since 9 years Annual Televised MedscapeIndia National Awards to empower health professionals in the country & Dedicated to the save the girl child. She raised fund for Assam flood relief in 2019 & donated to CM relief fund. Maharashtra flood relief by providing medical support.