Dr Sunita Dube (MBBS, MD, DMRE, FRHS, FCCP, ADHA, PG.DND, DCH) a professional Radiologist and a healthcare entrepreneur is a versatile personality with high integrity, she is an admired name, revolutionizing the healthcare sector with her philanthropic work that has been lauded at several national and international platforms. Armed with the determination to create  healthy India & awareness on Female feticide with the campaign, started the  “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” in 2011- by motivating doctors & inspiring others to work ethically especially the general practitioner, gynaecologist, and radiologist, by counseling the patients strictly when they approach a doctor for a male child. As she herself has seen hardship being a girl and belongs to conservative family she believes education is the most powerful weapon any girl can have & helps fighting the odds of life.

Bringing fragmented Indian health care specialities which include – Allopathy, Dental, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda & Paramedical together, under the umbrella of health care community and also a fair and affordable healthcare system in the country from 2011 which led to mutual respect and better fellowship.

Under her leadership, MedscapeIndia conducted largest AIDS Day awareness rally in 2012 with 5000 doctors in Mumbai to create awareness to prevent transmission of HIV positive from mother to a child. HIV Go Away Campaign in which respected celebrities used their influence to speak about prevention of HIV & early detection.

Cancer Survival Rehabilitation along with breast cancer survivors and doctors, an Art Exhibition was conducted to empower cancer survivors. “Save the Girl Child Movement” done by her was personally appreciated and congratulated by former President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and The Nobel laureate Shree Kailash Satyarthi. After doing survey on doctors which involved 6000 doctors across the country she discovered that the lack of appreciation for doctor’s contribution & apathy towards their efforts was prevailing. That’s when; she initiated the world’s first unique health awards in 2011 to inspire medical & paramedical communities with the Socio-Scientific responsibility of medical fraternities committed to recognizing and honouring excellence. 

Doctor’s Anthem was created by her, highlighting the special bond between doctors and patients, She conceptualized “we are the doctors ,we are always there with you” “HUM TUMHARE SHAATH HAI!” with a belief that this anthem will contribute to a better relation between doctors and patients.

Anokhee Pahal campaign, which promotes the health, sanitation and wellbeing of underprivileged sections of society (slum). In this campaign, 30 doctors are working with undying spirit and commitment by helping patients suffering from various diseases like tuberculosis, malaria etc. An arena with a population of 1.5 lakh, amongst which as of today 10000 are screened & educated on health issue. More150 doctors have participated through medical camps & awareness workshops which covers not only the health issues & other deficiencies suffered within the metropolis but also the remote interiors. Thakkar Bappa a slum area where health education awareness rally was conducted with 1000 students & 60 doctors along with mayor & corporators for keeping clean locality & regular health checkup..

“MILLIONSMILES” a campaign for woman empowerment; In this each empowered woman empowers many other women which there by continues the chain of empowerment. This puts a Smile on every woman’s face adding up to a million. This campaign initiated in 2015 till now 6000 women are already part of it. The campaign conducted panel discussion twice in 2013, in Mumbai to discuss various aspects of Medicine and the problems faced by woman with of Late Prof. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, visited Dr Sunita Dube and her Aryan Education & Medical Trust on his visit to Mumbai. He was pleased at the work MedscapeIndia was doing and offered his support to forward this cause.

Likewise dignitaries like former President of India Prof. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Shri Pranab Mukherji, Kailash Styarthi, The Queen of Mysore Maharani Pramoda Devi and film star Mr. Amitabh Bachhan have all offered their support to MedscapeIndia. She has conducted campaigns, rallies and medical camps on a regular basis with a purpose of either surveying the needs of the common man and creating awareness to about healthcare and provide medical treatment and advise to patients. Till date more than 500 such campaigns, rallies, medical camps, workshops, and training programs have been conducted.

Initiated in June 2016, the Fit India Movement which aims to make India healthier & fitter. It provides training of first aids & life saving skills. As of today. 11000 such training programs are already completed. Her target for the Fit India Movement is 10 million training programs by 2025. Her Initiative FITINDIA is a Social cause partner to TAFFI RUN a national Marathon of India, with Indian Army, Territorial  Army & Athlete federation of India.

IHFA – International health & fitness festivals, world largest festival of sports, wrestler, body builder social cause partner since 2 year.  

In Allahabad Dr. Dube runs a 30 bedded hospital for neonates & a general hospital in remote place called Suriyawan in Bhadhoi with her father, she is garnishing two intermediate colleges & a degree college which focuses on women’s education. She belongs to the interiors of India, where she has inspired many women to pursue higher education by providing facilities like a special bus to pick up and drop students. This college trains woman for IAS, PCS and Medicine. She was also said to be the sole reason to bring a college for the underprivileged students named, ‘S N. Bakshi College of education in Gridih, Jharkhand.

MedscapeIndia under the leadership of Dr Sunita Dube also did a complete screening and fixing of the Thakkar Bappa slum in Kurla. They initiated the process of sanitation, better drainage and living conditions. This campaign improved the lives and health of 100000 residents of in the slum.

The” WE DOCTORS” campaign for supporting medical community for & online free guidance to the patient which inludes counseling, quarantine processes, hygiene & queries related to the diseases, lab tests, allocated Hospital by government, handling panic as result, campaign is gaining tremendous response. 5900+highly acclaimed doctors from our country who are also remotely associated with MEDSCAPEINDIA across the country along with various country associates working with the organisation & have been providing much needed awareness to the large number of people since the spread of CoronaVirus in India. With our volunteering efforts a large number of PPE kits with Goggles, have been donated, 50,000 N-95 masks , Gloves , Sanitizers for our doctors and health workers per day. We are trying to support the medical community in Maharashtra who are unable to attend their patient due to lack PPE support. 1 Million mask for underprivileged community & police till 25 May now 30 k has Been donated.

Dolphiin Healthcare LLP :

Healthcare business includes export import, medical equipment, sports league, generic medicine, Medical tourism, medical advisory and others.

International :

  • President of India  Delegation – headed healthcare session  & represented
  • Indian healthcare
  • Horasis conference  –Portugal –Lisbon
  • India-China forum
  • World Corporate forum
  • More than 50 National & International Medical conferences  & contributed in transforming financial facilitations for associated organization.